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senshisushi@gmail.com, senshisushi.tumblr.com

Have edited long novel-ish type things and college essays, papers, etc.

Will read: school work, original fiction.

Will not read: fanfiction of any variety, and/or sexual content.

Strengths: descriptive writing, grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation, sometimes plot holes, mythology references. Also pandering to whether your ego feels like a S or M on alternating second Tuesdays of even-numbered months.

Weaknesses: Can praise your characterization, but can’t help you make it better. Dialogue “smoothness”.

Turnaround Time: If you don’t want an intensively detailed read-through, I can probably get your 200-page novel back to you in several days. If you’d like suggestions and clever commentary, I can’t promise anything better than a month, though I can sometimes deliver it.


Name: Erica

Contact Info: ephemeral-muse.tumblr.com (writing tumblr), anarchy-maenad.tumblr.com (main tumblr)

Age: 20

Previous Experience: First time  beta reader. I am currently majoring in English writing and Rhetoric and I have edited papers in the past for friends. I am hoping that beta reading will improve my own skills when it comes to editing.

Will read: Academic essays, original fiction, academic articles, poetry

Won’t read: Fanfiction, triggering content without warnings

Strengths: Grammar, sentence structure, word usage, tone, voice, tense shifts, finding missing punctuation

Weaknesses: Plot holes, characterization, dialogue

Turnaround Time: It will depend on how fast you will need the work edited and how much free time I have. If I am not busy with college, I can have everything finished in a couple of days. If you have any concerns or questions, you are free to message me so we can work out a decent schedule.


Name: Deborah
Contact Info: debpeters.tumblr.com; abelhapedreira@gmail.com; and for instant messaging I use facebook (my profile)
Age: 17
Previous Experience: People I know usually trust my judgement in terms of… “correct” writing (punctuation, orthography and grammar, etc), also, I tend to notice those things rather easily - needless to say, it annoys me greatly!
Will read: Anything, unless it needs previous knowledge I do not have (for example, in academic papers)
Won’t read: As said above, things I really don’t know about AND/OR fanfiction from fandoms I am not a part of. I’m not very comfortable reading smut/sex scenes, either…
Fandoms: The Kingkiller Chronicles (you know, about that guy Kvothe), Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion, The Legend of Korra - these are the ones I’d be most willing to read about!
Strengths: I’d say I can tell if a text is easy to read (flows nicely, makes sense, no grammar mistakes, etc), but that sounds pretty pretentious, doesn’t it? ha
Weaknesses: Like I said, stuff I don’t know about… and I may or may not become attatched to characters from the stories I read (that’s an euphemistic version of the actual truth, I suppose)
Turnaround Time: 1000 words are like, 3 pages, right? That’s what Google said, at least… about two or three minutes, I guess…

I hope someone finds me of use :)


Anonymous said: uh, are you okay? haven't heard from you in over a week. is it just lack of submissions or???

Hi! I’m alive, I swear it! The holidays got a little too busy and I accidentally wound up hibernating for a bit in the name of social recovery.

I’m so sorry for disappearing, but I’m picking up the slack today! All your messages will be responded to, I swear. 



The Bystander Effect in Writing


If you’re not familiar with what “the bystander effect” really is, it’s usually defined as the tendency for people to shy away from a situation and offer less help when there are more people around to handle it. There’s a famous story about a woman named Kitty Genovese who was attacked and stabbed to death in Queens, New York. Kitty pleaded for help, neighbors even heard her call, but no one helped her. 38 witnesses refrained from calling the police until the attacker had left the scene and Kitty was dead. It’s a strange psychological phenomenon where the presence of other bystanders make you less likely to act.

But why does this happen? Think about how you would react in a situation. Maybe if you knew there were other people around to deal with it, you’d think “why do they need me to help, someone else will do it.” Most people end up looking around wondering what everyone else will do. There’s less responsibility for you to act and you’d be much more likely to react if you were alone.

I’m mentioning this now because when writing action scenes with your characters, human behavior is an important thing to remember. Often times, our heroes offer help no matter who is around. I guess you can say that’s what makes your heroes so brave, but it’s still important to think about how everyone reacts in high stress situations. Sometimes it makes characters easier to relate to.

Also, don’t just think about how your main character would act, but how other characters would react. What would happen if your protagonist needed help? Who would come to his or her aid? Would other people stand by and let it happen? Would there be hesitation? It’s a good tool to use when you need your protagonist to gain strength on his or her own because it’s real. People might be more likely to stand by in large groups and your hero might have to fight on his or her own.

It also might be helpful, especially when writing YA or Juvenile fiction, to let readers know about this type of human behavior. Kids are bullied all the time in public places and few people might step up and help them out for fear of being ridiculed or embarrassing themselves. Kids, just like adults, might stand by and wait for someone else to stop it. It might be important to let them know through writing and stories, that it’s okay to stick up for someone and help them out. It’s okay to get help.

-Kris Noel

My book: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15764908-lionhead

My page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6447379.Kris_Noel

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Ways to make a character more interesting


Make them…

  • go to either extreme on a character trait (for example, way too trusting or far too distrusting.)
  • have an extreme political or philosophical stance.
  • have a set of interests that seem to contradict each other.
  • try for something impossible.
  • have completely opposite views from everybody around them.
  • imitate the mannerisms of their favorite celebrity, fictional character, or animal.
  • want badly to stand out and be unique.
  • have no qualms about breaking a widely-held custom.

(Source: the-right-writing)


Name: Emmie

Contact Info: suitupand-berobbieinstead.tumblr.com (main tumblr); inthesuburbseyeilearnedtowrite.tumblr.com (writing tumblr); indiekid158@gmail.com (email); emmie.indie15 (skype)

Previous Experience: None

 Will read: Fanfiction (preferably of fandoms I know, otherwise I won’t be able to help with characterization), academic essays (love ‘em), original fiction, ESL, some Spanish.

Won’t read: Self harm, violence, smut, or fantasy.

Strengths: Plot holes, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, plot ideas, tense shifts, dialogue.

 Weaknesses: I’m extremely inexperienced; characterization, setting, imagery.

 Fandoms: Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, Bones

Turnaround Time: I don’t really know, I have a pretty busy schedule, but if you give me a deadline, I’ll do my best to stick to it.


WANTED: 50, 000 Interested Readers


Hi there. My name is Vivid, otherwise known by my pen name, L. Holland. Don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard of me: I’m not a published author. But you can help with that, just by reading this.

Early this year I did some inquiries regarding book publishing. I was in the early planning stages of my first novel, and wanted to know how to go about getting my work published once I was finished writing and self-editing. The woman I spoke to told me all about my options: agents, self-publishing, or just sending out my manuscript to every publishing house possible. All of it I had heard before.

However, then she told me what I’m going to talk about right now:

If you can prove that you have a readership of at least 50, 000, it could work as a great foot in the door for you with most agents/publishing houses.

At the time 50, 000 seemed like a huge, unreachable number. However, now that I think about it, it can’t be that unattainable.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to list some of things that feature in my novel, and if they sound at all like the kind of shit you’re into, reblog this post. These include:

  • an asexual, non-gendered protagonist
  • and the story doesn’t center around their being asexual/non-gendered— it’s about them having an epic adventure
  • the story isn’t about romance— it’s mostly about friendship
  • people with cool, horrifying and crazy-ass powers + lots of fight scenes
  • not just teenagers saving the day: also young adults, adults and older folks
  • cats, LOTS and LOTS of CATS. Why? You’ll have to wait to find out.
  • includes individuals of all ages, races, body types, genders, and sexualities
  • also bad-asses of all ages, races, body types, genders and sexualities!
  • Eldritch Abominations/Monsters — do you like teeth and tentacles? Then this is definitely for you!
  • ACTION, and also quite a bit of gore. Blood, guts and bones? You betcha.
  • (I have also been informed there is much “shipping fun” to be had?)

Also, I aim to address the issues that I outlined in this post. Plus many more.

These days YA books seem to be all about romance, and the importance of being in a relationship. While this is fine, I know that I’m certainly not the only person who is bored with this. I want to be one of the many authors who are seeking to change that. If you would like to help me with my writing, simply reblog this post and share it with your friends/followers. If I can reach 50, 000 I will have a shred of proof that this is something that people want.

Are you an aspiring author who is writing/wants to write a story that breaks away from today’s convention? Then send me a message! Let’s network and get our shit published.

Also, while I’m at it, I am in the market for an artist. If you have magical art skills, are looking for a big project, and any of this sounds right up your alley, send me a message and let’s have a chat.

To sum up, if anything I just mentioned sounds like something you would enjoy reading, reblog this post. You’d be doing me a huge favor. Thank you!


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